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Electric pencil sharpener

Electric pencil sharpener, Hommini Automatic pencil sharpener works with USB or battery, 2 different sized holes Electric pencil sharpener for classrooms, home and office writing aids


Electric sharpener, Hommini automatic sharpener works with USB or battery 2.


[DOUBLE FORM AND AUTOMATIC CUT]: The electric sharpener with two different core opening sizes.

[SHARPNESS]: Two holes of different sizes, 6-8mm and 9-12mm.

[EASY TO CLEAN AND REPLACE]: Innovative device with 4 blades, so that it can easily be replaced with a knife, extends the life of the Argenterizer. Comes with a clean brush to clean up pencil shavings.

[EXCELLENT JOB ASSISTANT]: Our USB pencil sharpener is the ideal choice for artists, students, teachers, engineers, architects and stylists.


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